Last Night update

Update – the interim total after the Last Night of the Proms has surpassed £120,900! Thank you all.
The collection total has so far surpassed £115,000 pounds, which will be divided between this year’s charities:

With tonight’s collection still to go, can we pass £120,000 for the first time? [Update – yes!]

After the season we wait for the final bank statements to come through and deal with foreign currency that was put into the buckets. Then in October the trustees will meet to determine the final distribution of the money.

An update, and a small problem…

Problem now solved

As you may have heard on Radio 3 this morning, we’re unexpectedly low on the bags we use to send your donations on for bank processing. If anyone has some G4S CS05 bags they could spare (and a reasonable prospect of getting them to the Royal Albert Hall today or tomorrow), please contact us. Thanks.

This will not affect our ability to actually run the collections, just delay when the monies can be banked.

With two proms remaining of the 2019 season the total collected has surpassed £111,400.

Arena to Audience – Happy new season

We’re off again – almost. The buckets are labelled with details of this year’s charities and were delivered to the Royal Albert Hall a few days ago. We’ve made sure we’ve got enough coin bags and other sundries to get started, checked the badges etc etc.
This evening the trustee-in-charge will seek out collectors around the Arena. At the interval there will be the shout to remind everyone how much was collected last season. Then once the last notes of the first night die away the collectors will make their dash from the Arena to their allotted door (hoping not to find that the bucket left there for them has been used as a rubbish bin for a now melted ice cream…).
This year we’re also experimenting with cashless donation, with one card reader being available at Door 6. However, we still want to keep a close connections between the concerts themselves and the collection so there is still no online option.

2019 charities

Following the recent Trustees’ meeting we are delighted to announce that this year’s charities are as follows:

As ever we will also be collecting on behalf of Help Musicians UK and CLIC Sargent.

We and our yellow buckets look forward to seeing you at the Royal Albert Hall soon.

Catch up with Help Musicians UK

One of the charities we have always supported is Help Musicians UK (originally known as the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund). Last week our chairman, Lee, and trustee, Paul, had a chance to visit them and hear more about how the money you donate is used by them. Your donations all go to their Postgraduate Awards schema. In the past those supported by these awards have included trumpeter Alison Balsom OBE, percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, violinist Clio Gould, cellist Guy Johnston, violinist Tasmin Little OBE and guitarist Miloš Karadaglic.

Two men in suits present a large cheque to three ladies and a man in a yellow shirt
Chairman, Lee, and trustee, Paul make the official cheque preserntation to some current award holders and staff of the charity (© Help Musicians UK)

2019 Proms launch update

Today the BBC announce the 2019 season programme. We’re not quite ready to do the same with the charities we’ll be supporting this year, that will come in about mid May. However we do now have a brand new URL, (though the old one will continue to work too), this also means that adverts will no longer appear on the site.

In the meantime, here’s a reminder of where the 2018 season’s donations went:

  • Live Music Now (registered charity number 273596) £19,290.00,
  • Voices Foundation (registered charity number 1029834) £6,090.00,
  • Drake Music (registered charity number 1034374) £19,490.00

As ever, we also supported Help Musicians UK (registered charity number 228089) who received £40,555.00, and CLIC Sargent (registered charity number 1107328) who received £31,420.00.

The pages which summarise donations by year, and total donations per charity since 2001 have also been updated (see under the History section of the menu above).

Last Night of the Proms 2018

So the eight weeks of another season have once again flashed by. We’re back in the well practised hands of Sir Andrew Davis tonight (perhaps we’ll find out if he can sing any G&S other than the Major General’s song?), with soloists from Canada (Gerald Finley) and Cumbria (Jess Gillam).

But of the course the question on everyone’s lips(?), is “Will the PMC collection once again manage to beat last season’s total?”

That total was £116,876.40. After Prom 74 (Handel’s Theodora) the 2018 total stood at over £112,800 meaning that we need to collect around £4,000 to beat the record. 2017’s Last Night collection was £4,700 (the largest ever individual prom total). In addition to tonight’s collection we also need to process the foreign currency that has been donated over the course of the season, and we will also receive a share from the retiring collection that follows the Proms Service at Holy Trinity, Prince Consort Road tomorrow (9 September).

The service is at 3pm and will be a quiet reflection on the themes of the season, in particular this year the centenary of the first women joining the Parliamentary franchise, and the struggles for women’s suffrage that led to that point.

Finally one last reminder of this season’s charities: Live Music Now (charity no 273596), Voices Foundation (charity no 1029834), Drake Music (charity no 1034374) along with regulars Help Musicians UK (charity no 228089) & CLIC Sargent (charity no 1107328).

Thanks to all who have donated this season, and also to all those prommers who regularly give up time to hold a collection bucket, and then help with sorting and counting the collection.

After Prom 75 (The Last Night of the Proms) you have donated over £116,700. This is very slightly less than last year’s final total but more than the equivalent last year which stood at £115,900 immediately after the Last Night 2017.