2019 Proms launch update

Today the BBC announce the 2019 season programme. We’re not quite ready to do the same with the charities we’ll be supporting this year, that will come in about mid May. However we do now have a brand new URL, https://promenadersmusicalcharities.com (though the old one will continue to work too), this also means that adverts will no longer appear on the site.

In the meantime, here’s a reminder of where the 2018 season’s donations went:

  • Live Music Now (registered charity number 273596) £19,290.00,
  • Voices Foundation (registered charity number 1029834) £6,090.00,
  • Drake Music (registered charity number 1034374) £19,490.00

As ever, we also supported Help Musicians UK (registered charity number 228089) who received £40,555.00, and CLIC Sargent (registered charity number 1107328) who received £31,420.00.

The pages which summarise donations by year, and total donations per charity since 2001 have also been updated (see under the History section of the menu above).

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