Arena to Audience – Happy new season

We’re off again – almost. The buckets are labelled with details of this year’s charities and were delivered to the Royal Albert Hall a few days ago. We’ve made sure we’ve got enough coin bags and other sundries to get started, checked the badges etc etc.
This evening the trustee-in-charge will seek out collectors around the Arena. At the interval there will be the shout to remind everyone how much was collected last season. Then once the last notes of the first night die away the collectors will make their dash from the Arena to their allotted door (hoping not to find that the bucket left there for them has been used as a rubbish bin for a now melted ice cream…).
This year we’re also experimenting with cashless donation, with one card reader being available at Door 6. However, we still want to keep a close connections between the concerts themselves and the collection so there is still no online option.

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