At last: live Proms in 2020

A pyramid of yellow buckets with Promenaders' Musical charities labels with a back drop of the auditorium of the Royal Albert Hall

Tonight see the first night of two weeks of live Proms. This one comes from the Proms’ usual venue of the Royal Albert Hall, but there will be a wider geographic spread than usual.

However, there will still be no live audience in any venue, so we still can’t brandish our buckets. Our online collection currently stand at £2,710 (£1,955 for Help Musicians and £755 for CLIC Sargent). In contrast, at this time last year the total stood at almost £80,000.

It’s obviously a difficult time for everyone, but the arts have been particularly badly hit, with any musicians’ freelance earnings almost entirely disappearing. For children already struggling with the impact of finding they have cancer or leukaemia the added stresses of being in hospital during a pandemic make the music therapy service offered by CLIC Sargent more important than ever too.

To donate, use our two JustGiving pages. Firstly this one for CLIC Sargent, and secondly this one for Help Musicians. If you would like to donate by cheque or CAF cheque, see the details on our 2020 season page.

Thank you for all your donations so far.

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