2022 Season


This year we anticipate returning to a normal collection, although given that many of us have got used to not carrying cash over the last couple of years we will be augmenting our abilities to take contactless payments or use the Donate buttons on this page to use our PayPal account. As a result, in addition to our two core charities:

We will also be supporting two additional charities:

We will also run an online collection again but this year we intend that this will be via PayPal with a general collection that will be distributed by the trustees as with the collection made in the hall. The donate buttons page will be launched as the season starts.

Help Musicians

The trustees have not yet determined whether our contribution to Help Musicians will go to their COVID-19 Hardship Fund or return to supporting young musicians.

Most musicians get most of their work on a freelance basis, which has almost entirely dried up. Many have found that they do not qualify for the government support schemes, so have had to apply for Universal Credit or other benefits which may still leave them in considerable financial difficulties.

CLIC Sargent

With CLIC Sargent we will continue to fund their music therapy work with children and young people with cancer (and their families). Life with cancer is hard enough in normal times, but of course there are inevitably many more worries at the moment, and this is vital support to help those receiving treatment for cancer. Unfortunately this work had to be suspended in the early part of the pandemic, but these donations will help remobilise the service, potentially moving to online delivery, depending on what restrictions remain in place within hospitals.

Brass for Africa

Seeking funding for 3 shipments of brass instruments to Africa. This will enable over 1000 children, their teachers and instrument technicians to make music. £15000 for 3 shipments of instruments.

Lost Chord

Seeking funding for their work bringing music to dementia sufferers. £10000 requested, for 10 sessions a month across a whole year.