2022 season distribution

Some weeks ago the trustees met and agreed the distribution of the monies collected during the 2022 season. Now the charities have each been informed of what they will receive we can publish the details for our supporters.

The accounts were presented by our treasurer at the trustees’ meeting on Sunday 6 November and showed that there was a balance of £80,000 available for distribution. After discussion of amounts originally requested by the charities, and making allowance for the fact that costs have risen significantly in the nearly three years since they made their proposals the trustees agreed the following distribution of the balance:

  • Help Musicians UK – £30,000
  • Young Lives versus Cancer – £20,000
  • Brass for Africa – £18,000
  • Lost Chord – £12,000

We will make formal presentations over the coming months and hope to be able to share some photos of these events in due course. Thanks to all those who donated and to the prommers who helped with collecting.

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