The trustees of Promenaders’ Musical Charities are a group of people who arrange charitable collections after concerts of the BBC Proms season at the Royal Albert Hall each year, raising large sums for music related charities. We collect by permission of the Royal Albert Hall and BBC, but are not otherwise affiliated with either.

We operate under a deed of trust, and are not ourselves a charity.

Our deed of trust sets out the following:

3. Objects

The Trustees shall hold the Trust Fund and its income upon trust to apply them for the following objects in the United Kingdom:

3.1 to collect money from Promenaders and others in order to make donations of money and/or goods to registered charities which have a musical connection and which shall include:
3.1.1 charities for the benefit of musicians, former musicians and musicians in training;
3.1.2 charities using music and music therapies for the benefit of the sick and disabled;
3.1.3 charities founded to honour the memory of famous musicians;
3.1.4 other charities with some connection of a musical nature;

3.2 to support the cultural life of the Proms and to assist Promenaders to commemorate the contribution to the Proms of Sir Henry Wood, Sir Malcolm Sargent and other persons and in particular:
3.2.1 to provide a chaplet of laurel (real or artificial) on the Last Night to adorn the bust of Sir Henry Wood;
3.2.2 to provide carnation buttonholes to all the performers on the Last Night in memory of Sir Malcolm Sargent;
3.2.3 to give a token gift to the conductor and soloists on the Last Night;

3.3 to encourage musical and charitable activities by Promenaders and others;

3.4 to encourage and assist in the Promenaders’ annual service at the Church of the Holy Trinity and All Saints, Prince Consort Road or such other church in London as the Trustees may deem suitable.

4. Powers

In furtherance of the Objects but not otherwise the Trustees may exercise any of the following powers:

4.1 to raise funds and invite and receive contributions provided that in so doing the Trustees shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activity and shall conform to any relevant statutory regulations;

4.2 to buy, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any property other than land necessary for the achievement of the Objects and to maintain and equip it for use;

4.3 subject to any consents required by law to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the property comprised in the Trust Fund;

4.4 subject to any consents required by law to borrow money and to charge the whole or any part of the Trust Fund with repayment of the money so borrowed;

4.5 to co-operate with charities, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Royal Albert Hall, voluntary bodies and associations and statutory authorities operating in furtherance of the Objects or of similar charitable purposes and to exchange information and advice with them;

4.6 to establish or support any charitable trusts associations or institutions formed for the Objects or any of them;

4.7 to appoint and constitute such advisory committees as the Trustees may think fit;

4.8 to appoint an honorary Secretary and an honorary Treasurer (it being noted that the holder of each such post may or may not be a Trustee and that the holding of such post does not automatically deem its holder to be a Trustee);

4.9 to delegate to any one or more Trustees the transaction of any business or performance of any act required to be transacted or performed in the execution of the trusts of the Trust and which is within the professional or business competence of such Trustee:, Provided that the Trustees shall exercise reasonable supervision over any Trustee acting in their behalf under this provision and shall ensure that all their acts and proceedings are fully and promptly reported to them;

4.10 to consult widely among Promenaders and others;

4.11 to do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the Objects.

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