Halfway through 2022

Following Prom 37 the total donated so far this season stands at something over £33,500 (we have not yet incorporated all the donations on cards, PayPal or in foreign currency into the total).

While this is still somewhat behind what we might have expected pre-pandemic, it’s still a great start for this year’s charities (for Lost Chord and Brass for Africa in particular it will make a huge difference, and their tweets and Facebook comments on our updates show just how important our support is to them).

The card readers are coming into their own and we’re slowly getting used to their vagaries and making sure that they are recharged before the collection, and have had a chance to do software updates (otherwise they sometimes wan’t to be completely reset whilst we’re collecting which is a little time consuming).

Thanks once again to all who have donated and to all those who continue to give up their time to hold a bucket and then assist with counting up the donations after each Prom.

Don’t forget that you can also donate via the PayPal link on our 2022 Season page.